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 What is a Rhema Word from God? Trusting God for Inspiration, Insight and Understanding of the Word. In Greek, the word rhema means "an utterance." Therefore, the rhema word in Biblical terms refers to a portion of scripture that "speaks" to a believer. In most cases, a rhema word received while reading the Bible applies to a current situation or need. In essence, the rhema word is timely and extremely valuable in a Christian's walk with God. Through daily reading of God's Word, which is referred to as the "logos," (logos), Christians will have knowledge of God and be able to memorize Scripture and to offer non-believers the truth thatis written. But in addition to that, God wants to speak to His people and provide insight beyond human understanding. With the help of the Holy Spirit, portions of Scripture that were once words on a page will become rhema. They will have great significance and offer supernatural guidance, comfort, answers and assurances. Intermittent rhema from Scripture is good, but daily rhema will guide a Christian's steps and move them towards greater understanding , revelation and joy.r under

Daily Rhema Words

 “Let There Be Light”.

by Katie and Bryan Torwalt


“When You speak darkness has to bow

Confusion has its final hour,

When you speak mountains rise and fall

You tear down every wall, around me

When You speak breathe upon the dust

You came alive in us.

When You speak You silence every fear around us.

Let there be light, let there be light,

Until it fills up every space

Come and have Your way

Let there be light, let there be light,

Just one word and I am changed

Come and have Your way.”

 Maybe this has been a dark season for you - maybe the concerns,

struggles and confusion have caused you to lose your focus.

Maybe you just want more of the Father’s love and presence.

 We are not sure but this is our prayer for You...that you would see clearly as He shines His light...touches                                                              Your heart and breathes new life into every circumstance You face.

 The last part of this song is the hope we give to you...

“Now You’re everything we seek

As deep cries out to deep


Here Your glory on display, Jesus take Your place


May you see Him this Christmas!

Psalm 36:9

“For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light do we see light.” (Amp.)

“You’re a fountain of cascading light and You open our eyes to light.” (Mess.)

“For You are the fountain of life, the light by which we see.” (NLT)



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