Heart values give our church its unique identity. They establish what we believe and practice. A ministry based on clearly articulated heart (core) values drives a fixed stake in the ground and says to all. This is what we stand for ,this is what we are all about, this is who we are, and this is what we can do for you. We endeavour to touch the heart of God through... (see Psalm 22:3) Worship - We embrace the presence of God in all our gatherings by worshipping in spirit and in truth. 1.*Exalting the Lord Jesus Christ and freely expressing our praise, thanksgiving and love for Him is part of the heartbeat of our church, recognizing that when He is lifted up, all men will be drawn to Him. 2.*The anointed presence of God manifested in worship and praise is one of the highest priorities of our church, knowing that out of these times in His presence comes refreshing, direction, comfort, strength, healing, salvation and deliverance. 3.*Our passion for Jesus is our focus, not the entertainment of men, but the exaltation of God. 4.*We attempt to have a balanced, contemporary style in our worship, incorporating a variety of new, old and different musical styles. Our goal is always to glorify the Lord in song and release the spirit of worship in the congregation. Prayer - We are devoted to personal and corporate prayer and intercession. 1.*We believe that without the Lord we can do nothing and that prayer supernaturally moves the hand of God to act on behalf of His people. 2.*The church is called to be a house of prayer for all nations. 3.*Strategic intercession is to be used in all the ministries of the church with committed believers who are trained in prayer and effective intercession. Giving - We believe God prospers His people for the purpose of extending His Kingdom. 1.*We are committed to tithing as the means of supporting the ministries of the local church. Our tithes are a sign of our covenant with God and our faith in the promise that God will supply all our needs according to His riches in glory. 2.*We are committed to a spirit of generosity and liberality in giving to missions, the needy and other ministries that represent good soil for the work of the Lord. 3.*We realize that the moneys of the church are a sacred trust from God and are to be used wisely under the guidance and accountability of ordained stewards. Obedience - We are establishing people on foundations of Christian character and personal holiness. 1.*Our primary goal is to see the nature and likeness of the Lord Jesus developed in every believer, as they are discipled toward maturity in Christ. 2.*Members of the church are expected to publically identify with Jesus Christ in their lifestyle and live a life of righteousness in accordance with the Holy Scriptures. We endeavor to touch the heart of man through... Rescuing - We obey our biblical command to share the gospel - first in our city and then to the ends of the earth. 1.*Evangelism for Promise Church begins by first targeting and impacting our own city (Dundee) and county (Yamhill). 2.*Our evangelistic efforts will include ministry to the natural needs of people through Compassion Ministries. Our goal is to demonstrate to them the love of God. 3.*We want to demonstrate love, compassion, kindness and gentleness to all who attend our church and to work together, becoming a spiritual family. 4.*As a church that loves people we want to keep our focus on people, not numbers, programs or facilities. Restoring - we trust in the power of God to restore people*s lives, spirit, soul and body. 1.*The church has all the weapons needed to help people solve their life dominating problems through the Blood of Jesus, the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.. 2.*We are committed to helping people change from sinful habits and breaking strongholds in their lives, and we believe they can when they cooperate in sincere repentance and faith. 3.*Ultimate healing is the result of a life lived in accordance with the Word of God as that Word renews the human mind and soul. 4.*Some of the tools that we use to help in the restoration process is Biblical Counseling & Freedom Ministries. Rebuilding - We believe that we should help a person walk and grow as a child of God. 1.*We are building our church on God*s purpose and pattern as found in the Holy Scriptures. The Bible is our blueprint and pattern for every ministry and program of our church. 2.*We will help believers build their personal lives, relationships, marriages, families, and finances on the solid rock of God*s Word by encouraging active faith and obedience. 3.*Every means possible will by used to communicate the Word of God and impart it to people's hearts and lives including preaching, teaching, training, communications and music. 4.*Our desire is to build a strong confidence in people's hearts so that with God nothing is impossible. 5.*Because faith comes by hearing the Word of God, we are building all of our ministries on the solid revelation of Scriptures and pointing people toward personal and daily dependence on the Bible. Releasing - We believe that each person in the body of Christ should be involved in building the Kingdom of God with the gifts that God has given them. 1.*We encourage each person to discover their ministry gifts by helping people find the call of God for their life and answer that call. 2.*We provide opportunity for the discovery and use of the gifts and callings of God. 3.*We equip and encourage active participation through, Bible Studies, Classes and personal (one-on-one) discipleship. 4.*We support short-term and long-term missions, encouraging people to experience the powerful impact of ministry in a foreign country.


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